As noted in the March newsletter, the minimum contributions you and your employees put into your workplace pension increased on 6th April.  It is your duty as an employer to ensure these increases are implemented.

The table below shows the minimum contributions you must pay, but did you know your duties as an employer do not end there.

Date Employer Minimum Contribution Staff Conribution Total Minimum

New Rate:

6 April 2019


3% 5% 8%

Previous Rate:

6 April 2018 –

5 April 2019

2% 3% 5%

In addition to making these increased contributions you will need to:

Monitor the ages and earnings of your staff

  • You must ensure that all eligible staff are enrolled into a pension scheme and write to them within 6 weeks from the day they meet the age criteria

Manage requests to join and leave your scheme

  • Staff that request to join your pension scheme (if applicable) must be put into the scheme within a month of their request
  • Any of your staff can request to be taken out of the pension scheme, most pensions providers will arrange this on your behalf but again this must be actioned within one month of their request.

Keep relevant records

  • You must keep records of how you’ve met your legal responsibilities
  • Maintain contributions


  • Every three years you’ll need to re-enrol staff if they have left (and if they meet the criteria)

If you have any queries please contact us or see the Pensions Regulator Website