Accountants for Health Care Businesses


Accountancy Services for Healthcare Professionals

As a sole practitioner, a GP practice, dental surgery, or a pharmacy, you will have numerous challenges and complex issues to face on a day to day basis. Our team at Bryden Johnson can help make it easier for you by providing specialist financial accountancy and taxation services.

Accountants for Property Developers

Property and Construction Professionals

Accountants for Property and Construction Professionals

Property and construction professionals are subject to several regulations due to the mobile and wide-scale nature of the industry. Ensuring compliance and looking after your firm’s accounts consume a significant amount of your team’s time.

Professional Service Businesses

Professional Services

Accountants for Professional Service Businesses

As a professional service company, your first and foremost duty is to provide excellent services to clients. However, you might face complex issues concerning the financial side of your company, like monitoring incomes from a diverse clientele and calculating your tax obligations.
Media Company accountant London


Accountancy Services for Media and Technology Companies

The world of Media and entertainment is incredibly fast-paced and busy. If you want to keep up, your media company needs specialist accountants to look after the financial health of your organisation.

Bryden Johnson  offers a wealth of experience working with marketing, advertising, web designers and media tech companies providing accountancy services specifically for media companies and the entertainment industry.

Accountants for Leisure, Travel & Hospitality Companies

Leisure, Travel & Hospitality

Accountants for Leisure, Travel & Hospitality Companies

Bryden Johnson manages the financial aspects of your business, so you can focus on providing ever better services to your customers. With competition that grows tougher by the day, and in the advent of the empowered customer, our accountancy services — which are designed specifically for leisure, travel and hospitality companies — will take the accounting and bookkeeping tasks off your shoulders, help you meet your tax obligations and provide important management information that steers your leisure, travel and hospitality company into a more profitable direction.

Accountancy Services for Financial Services Companies

Financial Services

Accountancy Services for Financial Services Companies

Bryden Johnson enables you to provide better services and focus on growing your business by overseeing the financial aspects of your company. Our specialist accountants boast extensive experience in working with insurance brokers, currency dealers, independent financial advisors and other financial services companies.

Manufacturing, Transport and Logistic Companies

Manufacturing, Transport and Logistic Companies

Accountants for Manufacturing, Transport and Logistic Companies

Bryden Johnson takes pride in our in-depth knowledge of the accounting challenges in producing and delivering goods, which is why we are in an excellent position to help you manage your organisation’s financial health. Our accountancy services are designed especially for manufacturing, transport and logistic companies, bearing in mind your unique needs.

Accountancy Services for Not-for-profit Companies


Accountancy Services for Charities

Your organisation might not operate for profit, but reliable accounting and bookkeeping is still crucial to finance day-to-day operations, compensate your workforce and raise funds that you can direct to different causes. Bryden Johnson will oversee all these for you; we provide accountancy services that are designed especially for not-for-profit companies, taking into account the unique nature of your finances.