Accountants for not-for-profits charity companies

Accountants for Charities and Non-for-Profit Companies

Your organisation might not operate for profit, but reliable accounting and bookkeeping is still crucial to finance day-to-day operations, compensate your workforce and raise funds that you can direct to different causes. Bryden Johnson will oversee all these for you; we provide accountancy services that are designed especially for not-for-profit companies, taking into account the unique nature of your finances.

Our team will account for pledges, donations, grants, membership dues, money collected from fund-raising activities, investment income and other sources of revenue, while keeping track of the expenditures. Our specialist accountants will oversee your tax obligations (which are vastly different from for-profit organisations), take into account special VAT rules for charities and educational institutions provide tailored financial advice that will help you raise greater funds for your cause.

Accountancy Tailored to Not-for-Profit Companies

Bryden Johnson ensures that your organisation is faring well financially and identifies opportunities to increase the funds you raise. We help you understand your tax responsibilities, prepare financial statements and manage the fluctuating revenues from donations, grants and the like.

Our services include:

  • Annual or periodic reports, which may involve an Annual Report (to be submitted to the Charity Commission)
  • Preparation of tax returns (if applicable or upon request of HM Revenue and Customs)
  • Compliance with legislation concerning finances of not-for-profit organisations
  • Auditing services to avoid non-compliance and facilitate financial improvements

You can entrust accounting and bookkeeping tasks to us, so you can devote your time to funding concerns and making your organisation more transparent and financially sustainable.


A Firm with a Wealth of Experience

As the largest independent accountancy practice in Croydon, Bryden Johnson has helped various not-for-profit organisations in London and Surrey, ensuring that they meet their tax duties and improve their financial health.

Our firm offers a fixed price agreement and a smooth transition from your current accountant.

Book a free initial consultation today, and you will receive a detailed proposal and preliminary advice from our specialist accountants.

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