Bryden Johnson are an innovative firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers, creating flexible, innovative and effective solutions aligned with your business and personal goals

As a business, Bryden Johnson is much more than just a firm of accountants.  With a genuine affinity for their clients, they are trusted advisers who really get to know the business they are representing.  Bryden Johnson is over 125 years old, operating in Croydon since 1975.  Their  history and experience that has shaped their success has also been a springboard to developing their innovative solutions across the business and accounting spectrum.

The team at Bryden Johnson want the clients to ‘ask silly questions’.  All too often clients are concerned about looking like they lack in knowledge and understanding about the intricacies of their accounts and strategy.  But that is exactly why Bryden Johnson are here! They will guide you through the minefield with a holistic approach, offering practical and professional advice that works in collaboration with all of your organisational needs.

Providing flexible solutions that support the growth of a business, relying on their years of experience yet embracing innovative methods and technologies that enhance their offering.  Bryden Johnson are a modern, forward-looking firm that can safely guide organisations through to growth and financial security.

The History of Bryden Johnson


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