Bryden Johnson fully understand that changing accountants can be a major business event. However, now is a great time to look at making such a decision. Our personal and personable approach, and our empathy with all of the ups and downs you will encounter, make us a business partner to value rather than being purely a service provider.

We help you through the process in every way possible, making changing your accountant easy. With decades of experience we have encountered most of the problems that could be thrown in our direction, so we are confident of making the transition smooth and with minimal disruption.

We also offer a range of business support services and run a number of events designed to energise and improve your company’s performance.

The video below highlights the experience of Ann Tighe, CEO of Caysh, a charity working with young people at risk of homelessness, and Alastair Morris from Quantum, a land and new homes developer, discuss their working relationships with Bryden Johnson Chartered Accountants.

Owning and running an SME Company comes with many perils and adventures, rewards and recognitions; along with a tonne of uncertainty and occasions where one just simply doesn’t know which way to turn. At Bryden Johnson, Jackie and her team of highly trained motivated and experienced professionals have guided us now for over ten years on what seems to be a daily basis. Not only on the accountancy and tax advice elements of owner-management business matters, but also at a deeper lever with a personal touch through coaching and with sound council on personal matters too where needed- & all from a context of running a successful business.

I’m proud to say that we chose Bryden Johnson all those years ago and that to date I’ve recommended then to many a client with confidence.

Running a business certainly isn’t easy… but with the right people behind you including your Accountants, it’s so much more enjoyable.

Matthew Wood, Millwood Servicing Ltd

Bryden Johnson have  saved me a considerable amount of time and money, after several years of complications with personal taxation.  Dealing with Bryden Johnson has been smooth running and the team at Croydon have all been professional, efficient, and happy to help with any questions I had.

From now on I will be using Bryden Johnson in the future on all my tax affairs personal and company.

Keith Yeates LCG


Wonderworks have worked with Sean since its inception – from it having just an idea to a successful start-up.

Having Sean on board as part of the team has meant that we’ve always felt “we’ve got that part of the business covered” which is a relief as it lets us get on with what we’re really good at, with the peace of mind that the business fundamentals are in hands we trust.

Having Sean in our corner has meant much more than having a good accountant. He’s always ready, and available with advice, encouraging words and really importantly, a joke and a smile. This means we’re not afraid to ask the silly questions or reach out for the sometimes needed “you’re doing ok, honestly” supporting words.

He’s taken time to get to know the business, been willing and eager to learn about what we do, our culture and us as people to ensure we’ve not only got a strong business, but a working relationship with both him and the extended team that’s efficient, effective and most of all, a pleasure (yes, pleasurable accounting!)



Bryden Johnson have now handled my accounts for some 37 years and dealt with every sort of personal, professional and international issues with the same friendly, solution-finding common sense that you apple to everything. During this time I have worked with many different newspapers, television and publishing companies, and had some complex family issues.  Through-out it all I have felt secure to have had Bryden Johnson in my corner.

Brough Scott


Changing Accountants

Jon Hill talks about how easy it was to change his accountants to Bryden Johnson and how they have helped his business.

Jon Hill, DMC Business Machines


New company start-up

Andy Cassie at CIB Communications talks about how Bryden Johnson helped with the start up of CORE.

Andy Cassie, CIB Communications

Long standing Client

Frank Bastow talks about how Bryden Johnson offer context and taught them to fish!

Business Coaching