As a stakeholder or trustee, it is vital to ensure that your organisation is meeting statutory requirements. Doing so will keep you from encountering issues and helps establish the credibility of your organisation.

At Bryden Johnson, our charity auditors go beyond the standard auditing process. They extend their roles to help companies mitigate risks and find critical areas for growth and development.

Transparency & Accountability

While audits are not mandatory for charities, an organisation’s willingness to undergo one can show their commitment to being transparent and accountable. This can positively influence how benefactors view a cause.

Moreover, stakeholders and trustees of not-for-profit organisations can rest easy knowing that donations are properly allocated, accounts are managed well, and there are no irregularities in financial statements.

Meticulous Planning

Before the fieldwork, we’ll align on important aspects like the scope of the audit, timing and key meetings. We’ll also ensure that involved parties are briefed properly to help set expectations and prevent any misunderstandings and delays in the auditing process.

Accurate Reporting

Our auditors will keep you in the loop throughout the process, updating you of any urgent issues should they arise. Our skilled auditors will provide you with a detailed report on aspects like accounting issues, irregularities in financial statements, and potential breaches in the procedures.

We’ll then arrange a meeting and discuss possible courses of action and recommendations for internal control and system improvements.

Fixed Timetable

We operate with transparency. During our pre-year-end meeting, we will immediately agree on a fixed price and delivery timeframe.

We aim to turn audit assignments around within six weeks from the commencement of fieldwork. We don’t waste time because we believe that the faster we hand over our audit reports, the sooner you can receive our recommendations and apply them.

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