Accountants for Construction Companies

Whether you are a residential or commercial property investment firm, Bryden Johnson will help you manage your accounting, bookkeeping and taxation concerns. Our specialist accountants know the accounting and financial challenges your firm faces, which is why we offer accounting services that are specifically geared towards construction companies.

We see to it that you understand your tax obligations and secure compliance with relevant legislation. Should there be any changes in the regulations, our accountants will advise you promptly. On top of that, you will be able to identify areas for financial improvement, avoid tax pitfalls, establish a streamlined payroll system and, above all, maximise your profitability.

Accountancy Tailored to Your Construction Firm

Bryden Johnson helps you stay on top of your tax obligations, adapt to fluctuating VAT rates and meet Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) regulations. We understand the extremely mobile and customised services that your firm offers; we’re familiar with cost categories in construction firms, the percentage of completion method, and other industry-specific accounting needs.

Construction Accountants

Our accountants:

  • Prepare annual and periodic accounts, and other financial statements
  • Provide bookkeeping that is tailored to your construction firm
  • Provide auditing services
  • Offer property tax advice and consultancy to minimise the burden of tax on your firm
  • Prepare your requirements under the CIS
  • Dispense Property VAT advice
  • Provide budgeting and forecasting services for better cash flow management

By removing the accounting from your hands, you can concentrate more on improving the services you offer, upgrading your facilities and building a formidable reputation in the construction industry.

A Firm that Offers Industry-Specific Accounting for Construction Companies

Bryden Johnson has been providing accounting services for over a century, supporting various SMEs in London and Surrey, including both start-ups and established construction companies. We offer a fixed-price agreement, and we will facilitate a smooth transition process from your current provider.

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