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All businesses from huge corporations to micro-enterprises all need accounting. From filing comprehensive annual tax returns all the way to making sure timesheets are accurately recorded, accounting is a cornerstone of enterprise.

At Bryden Johnson, we understand this need very well. That’s why our accountants are always ready to lend their expertise so you can focus on other facets of your Caterham business, while we take care of everything accounting.

Our Services

  • We prepare your annual and periodic accounts for a complete assessment of your financial position and performance.
  • We ensure your compliance with legislation as we stay on top of regulatory changes that may affect your business.
  • We collect and highlight data regarding the trends and variations within your finances, informing your analysis and financial decisions.
  • We make sure your checks, reconciliations and controls remain in place.
  • We share insights regarding your sales budgets, profit budgets, cash flows, and forecasts.

Our Process

When you call us, you’ll be set up with one of our directors for a consultation that’s completely free. We’ll then learn about your business to get a better sense of which services will be of most use to you. With your help, we’ll come up with an accounting solution that’s tailored to your business needs and objectives. For the rest of the year, we’ll set up regular update meetings, so you’re always informed regarding your account.

If you are switching from another accountant, we’ll take care of the transition in a way that will not disrupt your business operations.

Our Partnership

Working with us means you’ll have access to our skilled and experienced pool of accountants. We have been in the industry since 1987 and we’ve helped a lot of businesses like yours reach success. We specialise in helping out small and medium businesses because of our special attention to growth.

Most of all, what we offer is a reliable service, backed by a team with integrity. Book a consultation with us today and let’s talk about your business.

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